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Google has brought innovation to our lives since its inception, offers free services of high quality and a lot of functions we are sometimes overwhelmed by because all of the functions they offer. Here we look at 5 things you can do thanks to Google and possibly many people doesn't know, because they are not familiar with the subject or because until now had not thought of the possibilities they had with this computer giant.
1. Check unwanted access to your email (Gmail)

Gmail, allows to verify access to your account according to each IP address, so you know if someone else is accessing your email without permission and see in a detailed way if you are the victim of an unwanted entry. To verify this, at the bottom right corner of the Gmail screen, you see text that says "Last account activity" and in the bottom of a link with detailed information. Here we can see the IP, approximate location, date and time of access, so you can be sure if someone enters your account without your permission.

2. Customize your start page (iGoogle)

Google lets you customize your browser, not just special wallpapers and attractive themes, but also with applications that allow you to access a lot of information and customize the home page details.

Through the web address google.com/ig and entering the information from your Gmail account, you can store your changes to this screen on iGoogle. On this site you can customize your home page with widgets, so you can add applications that allow you to control your Gmail email, check your tweets (Twitter), check the news from Google News, and even play and share with your friends your applications. Additionally, iGoogle also lets you customize your background with a lot of themes and cool designs.
3. Install applications (Google Chrome)
Chrome, Google's browser, has been characterized by its speed and efficiency in resource consumption, becoming a strong competitor to FireFox and Internet Explorer in the browser market. One of the strengths of Chrome is that it has the ability to use applications, expanding and facilitating the use that this browser has to offer.

By visiting chrome.google.com / webstore , you can find a lot of applications (mostly free), sorted into different categories, they may be used regardless of operating system, since they work directly in Chrome. To take advantage of Chrome apps you just have to have a Gmail account.

Additionally, thanks to Chrome allows you to synchronize our options, history and data, the Google browser sync also allows to have our applications in different computers as we like. Some of the most prominent, are, Google Docs, which lets you create and share documents like Microsoft Office; Angry Birds, a game that stands out especially in the mobile market for addiction; Chrome Desktop, a utility that let you share with anyone (with Chrome) your desktop remotely, and a lot more of free applications, allowing also synchronization between devices.
4. Editing documents (Google Docs)

Speaking of outstanding applications, we have Google Docs ( docs.google.com ), although many already know, not all have given it the importance it deserves, in addition to many or at least the main functions with which we can count on Microsoft Office, it has a few extras that make it attractive to its users. First of all, Google Docs is completely free, second, it has the ability to share and edit a documents with multiple people simultaneously, which facilitates access and editing on-line between co-workers without any problem of overwriting. Also, If you install the application in Chrome, Google Docs lets you use offline documents you have stored and they will automatically sync when an Internet connection is available.

Also, as all documents are stored with your Google Account (Gmail) you dont have to worry about losing or being unable to access them, because you can do that from any place with Internet access, even from a cell phone or tablet, you can access Google Docs thanks to its application for Android. This lets you work with great freedom, ease of editing and creating documents from anywhere you work.

5. Printing on Cloud (Google Cloud Print)

A great tool that not a lot of people know is Google Cloud Print ( google.com / CloudPrint ), a service for Chrome that allows you to print documents remotely via the Internet, sharing printers you have installed on your computer. This way, working at home, you can send to print a file in your office. To use it, you just have to install Chrome and enable your printers with Google Cloud Print so that you can access them from anywhere.

Cloud Print allows you to share your printer with anyone, from any Internet-connected device, facilitating print jobs from your tablet, cell phone, office computer, or from basically anywhere.

These services are a part of the large number of utilities that Google provides us, and continues to provide us more and generally all of them free of charge. Should be noted that all these applications are linked from your Gmail account, allowing quick synchronization, without export information every time you want to use any of them.

Thanks Google :D

Written by: @rahksO

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